CRM & ERP Implementation

We provide a vast range of V Tiger CRM services. Our services also include: CRM Software Solutions, ERP Software Solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions and many more

We implement a CRM/ERP strategy to learn more about customers' behaviors to develop stronger relationships with them. We believe that good customer relationship is the heart of business success.
We boost your profits with CRM, accounting solutions and ERP. The idea of our CRM is to helps businesses use human resources and technology to gain insight into the behavior of customers and their value. We have Expertise to Develop Your CRM / ERP Solutions to Customized third-party CRM / ERP packages.

With the help of Our V Tiger CRM / ERP Solutions. Clients obtain a 360 degree view of all Customers that enables them to learn about the behaviors of the customers. This increases the effectiveness of Customer Service. Customer Data is analyzed to identify and Carry out targeted Marketing campaigns. Customer Purchase Patterns and Behaviors are studied and analyzed to forecast Trends and Requirements.


We keep in mind the Unique Requirements of the Clients and accordingly we Design a CRM / ERP Solution that fits best for their needs. We Design our CRM / ERP Solutions keeping in mind the Requirements of each Individual Clients. Jhuns Infotech ERP is more than just business software; it is the key to immense possibilities not yet imagined.