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CRM & ERP Integration

We bring to you seamless CRM and ERP integration to render improved productivity, increased visibility and maximum returns

CRM and ERP Integration systems provide organizations with an integrated and comprehensive approach to identifying, acquiring and retaining customers.
We consider Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning as the core business platforms needed to manage organization that aims high growth.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are integrated together to give an unique blend of  manufacturing or logistic management along with Customer and Sales Management.


CRM systems like VtigerCRM, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM are used to manage sales force automation, effective marketing, sales team management, track sales process, manage leads and prospective opportunities, track sales pipeline, manage ToDos, events and calendaring, project management and also campaign management.


ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning systems like OpenERP, OpenBravo are used to manage resources, order management, vendor management, track manufacturing, product management, warehousing, effective HR management, Payroll, accounting, expenses and other areas of running an efficient manufacturing or retail industry.


CRM and ERP integration helps organizations to gain maximum Return on Investment from the business, manage vendor and product resourcing along with customers and sales pipeline, leading to improved corporate performance. CRM and ERP Integration platforms provides total supply chain visibility with customer account status, the company inventory levels, and order history and logistics data.


We integrate modules of ERP along with VtigerCRM. We have developed modules in Vtiger CRM for Debit/Credit Note, Warehouse Management, Stock Transfer, Journal Ledger, Expenses, Bank, Commissions, Accounting and many more custom ERP related modules within CRM.