We follow Versatile Engagement model or strategy according to business goals

Engagement Models

We follow versatile engagement strategies to bring lasting value to our customers. We use refined engagement models in engaging clients and managing their requirements.

At Jhuns Infotech our specialists customize the engagement model to work according to the business specifications. We try to achieve business goals from proper project engagement and HR practices. We have a properly organized framework and structured cooperation to combat any kind of risk during the process of outsourcing venture.
Our engagement models are designed in a way to provide, consistent support to our customer right from the first stage to throughout the entire software development life cycle, working rigorously to achieve your business goals. We provide clients with experienced project managers, programmers, designers and architects to select, design, and develop business systems for them. Our flexibly established engagement models help clients make the most out of the strong partnership.

The objective of our engagement model is to provide a virtual team to the system integrator and at the same time adjusting the level of commitment, control, and investment in terms of both time and money. We have engagement models according to clients’ specification.


Fixed Cost Project Model

We offer fixed price model when the scope and project specifications are clear. This is a low-risk model where we define  timelines to clients and mutually agree on fixed price. Our process guarantees reliability, optimized performance of the projects, on-time delivery and on-budget outcomes. This model is best for projects in which the scope and requirements are specifically defined.


Hourly Rate Assignment Model

At Jhuns Infotech, we try to give customers greater flexibility to change the project specification according to upcoming market trends. The client pays a fixed hourly rate as agreed in the contract. This model is best suited with regular maintenance and support services.


Dedicated Teams Model

Dedicated Teams Model gives you total control over human and technical resources in the development process. There is a high level of security, transparency, flexibility and scalability. All infrastructures are at your dedicated service for a fixed monthly fee as long as it is needed. (DTM) solution is a good option for a team of highly-qualified professionals working for your IT and business needs. The development process is more manageable ensuring a higher resources efficiency.