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Enterprise Solutions

Working closely with our clients is our top priority. We identify business objectives, define solutions strategy and develop portal implementation.

Jhuns Infotech offers complete portal development services on communication, information delivery, automation and collaboration of business process through web services.
We provide custom-built solutions with efficient performance, technical scalability and business logic based on architecture road map. Our user portal involves proper design and content integration with wider avenues to build customer loyalty.

With the rapid ever changing marketing conditions and business structures, enterprises are expecting support and business continuity from IT application portfolios. Jhuns Infotech practices Enterprise Application Services (EAS) and offers platform-led solutions to transform customer’s business and IT operations. We provide application maintenance in areas such as ERP, CRM, SCM and much more.


The enterprise application has now reached to a point of inflection that has given rise to integration of Enterprise Application Services (EAS). It helps in supporting critical parts of your business and take performance to higher levels.


At Jhuns Infotech, we understand your need to adapt to changing technology trends like SaaS and SOA in order to transform the way software is developed (SOA) and delivered (SaaS). We even provide solutions that allows you to look ahead into the future of business ecosystem.