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ERP Solutions

Jhuns Infotech’s ERP solutions is packed with powerful features to increase your ROI

Open ERP is very easy to implement, fully customizable and its scope is comprehensive. It is also flexible, modular, totally secure and incredibly robust. We provide open ERP services, open ERP modules and other ERP solutions to businesses across the globe.
Jhuns Infotech's extremely efficient ERP services helps manufacturers from small to mid size enterprises grow up more. Data integration across the enterprise ensures that you have greater visibility in all sectors of your business. Insight into production, financial data and inventory makes it easy to identify opportunities for cost savings and improving efficiency. A high-level of key business indicators facilitates accurate management decisions

Jhuns Infotech is a reputed web development solutions provider, providing wide range of customized open ERP service and packages which help companies to operate business smoothly. Our scalable ERP solutions enable you to automate major financial and manufacturing processes. It is our immense experience and expertise in ERP functionality that has given us adequate competency in delivering adaptive solutions to many businesses domestic and international.


Jhuns Infotech is not only successful in Vtiger, but also ERP Software Development, Web Portal,  CRM & ERP Services , Website Design Services, search engine optimization and ERP based promotion. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the name of a software-based management system which is used by global forward-leaning corporations to power their “back office” business functions.
We provide resources and ERP solutions required to deliver technology upgrades, Software Development, Campus ERP Solutions, web applications development including B2B and B2C. Our teams of software developers, web designers, eCommerce analysts, system analysts, project managers, network engineers, and infrastructure specialists strive to meet expectations in ERP product development, also ERP customer support, solutions and maintenance for ERP software.