Software Testing and quality assurance for your web applications

Software Testing & Quality Assurance

We offer: manual testing, test automation, performance testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, platform testing, integration testing and more. We give you a bug free software!

We help our global partners and clients plan test investments and manage critical testing. We have an agile mindset that provides a focused approach to each engagement. We have a proven track record of delivering on-budget and on-time fixed bid projects.
Our whole range of software testing solutions offers blended offshore/onshore Managed Testing Services, managed resources, structured test execution and test process improvement. Jhuns Infotech provides high end software testing and quality assurance services to enhance productivity, reduce time costs and increase delivery confidence. We enhance ROI for our customers by employing the right tools, flawless processes by an expert team with very flexible business models.

In today’s world of ever changing technology, dynamic applications are taking over simple desktop based applications. Our end-to-end testing services can complement your entire current and future needs in software testing and quality assurance.


Our experience in the testing domain with focused services is instrumental in evaluating IT applications with various client based business requirements. Issues and errors are traced and fixed at root, leading to cost cutting and enhanced end-user experience.


We can reduce the overall cost of the entire development life cycle and other testing activities like user acceptance testing or performance testing. We can increase the speed of testing process by testing in advance and by executing each testing phase at a faster rate. Each stage of our testing process is associated with multi-rounds of unit testing which ensures quality delivery at every milestone completion resulting in an increase of speed.


Testing avenues at Jhuns Infotech includes:-


  • - Web testing for HTML, Dynamic HTML based web applications
  • - Web testing for ASP, PHP, JSP, .NET based web applications
  • - Web testing for JavaScript/VBScript based web applications
  • - Web testing for AJAX based web applications
  • - Web testing for applications that include ActiveX components

    Our web application testing capabilities includes:-

    Functionality testing ensures that all aspects of your website functions properly such as text, images, menus appear correctly, form elements, form submissions succeed, dialogs, HTML links work, etc


    Compatibility testing is to check the compatibility of your site with different browsers, languages, operating systems, databases and servers


    Localized testing is done to test multi-language deployments of your applications


    Stress testing is useful to test system’s breaking point which is based on predefined failure criteria


    Load testing ensures that your site is capable of handling predetermined peak load by generating numerous users on the web site


    Web Services Functional testing is implemented to test Web Services to make sure that the functionality works accurately by validating responses sent to each SOAP/HTTP request


    Web Services Performance testing tests Web Services to gather performance and stability information of web services by simulating the load on your web services


    Regression testing tests websites/web applications/ web services by running all day and night to check whether it is still working between releases