Usability testing of your product for user experience by Demo Team

Usability Testing

Usability is a competitive edge and is capturing the voice of customers. Usability testing measures task completion in time and can help uncover barriers which you may have never anticipated. We work to give your site the best user experience at low cost!

A poor user experience can simply ruin a product launch and the company reputation behind it. We have a Demo Tester Team (DTT) who acts as a demo user and with their analytic expertise checks each and every other section of the website in order to make it entirely user-friendly.
Our usability testing service puts your product in front of the real users. It is by far the most efficient method to pinpoint problems and gain insights about how to fix problems involved. In usability testing, users interact with your product in a controlled environmental setting. Our usability testing procedure provides you with: qualified user feedback, increased app usability and gets to market faster with lower usability testing costs.

Usability testing is a type of black box testing technique that is used to evaluate a product by testing it with representative users. In usability testing phase, users usually try to complete a typical task while the observers notice, listen and also takes notes. In a similar way we perform total usability lab testing by recruiting users matching your target profile and observing the subject as to how they interact with your website. Goals to usability testing includes total time and steps required for a task completion(performance), total number of mistake occurrences(accuracy), can the user recall anything after usage or non-usage(recall), amount of time spent by user(stickiness) and finally how the user feels about the competed process, responses and emotions(emotional response).


Our process of Usability testing includes:-

•    team of usability analysts moderate, observe and note how test participants are interacting with whatever they are testing and how easily testers are able to finish off with their tasks.

•    usability analysts process results by finding consistent issues that impede usability.

•    produced report provides our customers with actionable recommendations for improving user experience by overcoming usability issues.

When to conduct Usability testing:-

•    Usability testing can be conducted at any time during the development life cycle but testing early is most effective as it reduces development cost.

•    Even when Usability testing is conducted late in the cycle, issues around content location and terminology can be fixed quite easily.


Key benefits of our services include:-

•    higher level of user-satisfaction

•    cost effective solutions on a long term basis

•    success and completion of tasks

•    reduced time and user effort


Formative testing is done during early stages of product development. Summative testing is done after the product has been completely designed. This tells you how users originally behave with the products .